Where to Find Us:

Please come visit us at 155 Pleasant St (Route 27), 1 mile west of the Epping Fire Department in Epping NH.

Hours of Operation

We’re open Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturdays by appointment only



Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Dear 27 Auto – I wanted to let you know what an excellent experience I had at your shop. I am so happy that a close friend recommended you to me.  We just bought my daughter a used Jeep Cherokee and the whole thing was nerve wracking being it's her first vehicle and my first child out there on the road driving.  You never know when you buy used vehicles what headaches you might actually be buying. I explained that to Shawn and I felt he understood my concerns.  He told me he would go over the entire vehicle front to back and put my mind at ease.   Although the shop is a little further away from the area I am from, I had a good feeling and decided to make the appointment.  My 2 main concerns were cost and would you try to pull a fast one on me because I was a woman and may not understand what the mechanic was telling me.   The first phone call to me from Shawn was a detailed run down on everything that was going on with the vehicle. He stressed the things that needed to be fixed first and foremost, gave me the break down in cost and the time it would take him to fix it. The price seemed very reasonable and I asked that he fix all that we discussed.  The second call was to tell me that things were going good, no surprises or additional work.  I appreciate the great work done on the car, as well as the respect and attention you paid me (particularly as a woman J). I would not hesitate to bring my vehicles back or recommend you to friends and family. Thanks! Terri G

Dear Shawn - I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you going above and beyond to fix my car - my customer experience was beyond excellent! When I had originally taken my car to another garage to have the annual state inspection done I was told it would not pass because my airbag light was on. As you now know, I needed to get my sticker immediately and was last minute in going for the inspection. I could not do without using my car at the time and could not afford to have failed the inspection. I called a few places to see if they could help me in such short notice and most places were less than helpful and not confident at all that they would be able to diagnose the problem in time let alone fix it. I was basically told that the airbag light being on was a known fault in the make of car that I have and that it would take a good deal of time and money to fix it. I had tried three different places before I made it to 27 Automotive and was amazed at the difference in the level of service I received. You seemed genuinely concerned to get the problem fixed on time so that my car would pass the inspection and were sensitive about my budget concerns. I appreciate you reshuffling things to fit me in and you calling me couple of times during the day to keep me posted on your progress. I have not had any issues with the airbag light being on since. I will definitely be recommending you to others, and will be a returning customer myself. Thanks again for your honesty and unbeatable work ethic!! Sheelagh and Tom